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I suspect he was able to attach the drive to a Windows system to reformat it the NTFS which got rid of the damaged boot sector. Then with the drive back inside his Mac he was able to reformat the drive using either a OS install DVD the system came with grey disk or the retail version. I've created a bootable USB thumb drive just for doing this.

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While slow it does get the job done. I copied al the partitions data to the other mav before recreation, and copied it back afterwards. I don't know wether that was necessary. Another option would be connecting your system to the other back to back via a FireWire or Thunderbolt cable and then setting up your system in Target mode that way you would be treating your system as if it were an external HD to the other system saving the effort of pulling the drive out.

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Show 2 more comments. In disk utility, click on the hard drive then click 'enable journaling' it should unlock the drive. Thank you, I have enabled journaling and it worked!!! Are you booting up on an external drive? You need to get there first. Then run Disk Utility to alter it. I am not running the computer in normal mode and no external drive. Show 12 more comments. Dan danj. Self employed contract worker. Do you have access to a second Mac? Same problem except that I am a 25 year Macintosh consultant and this has me stumped, I can use Data Rescue to see and recover all the files I need.

I am fully aware of all of the ways to change permissions on the drives They all have a custom permission and when I try to change it to specify a user or admin as read and write they all go back to custom, and Yes I unlocked the get info before I tried. I have also used the terminal program to try and access and unlock the drives I do not have the code at hand at this moment. At least they the old ones had caring about users in mind they tried to solve problems instead of creating them. The New Yosemite and Lion and Montain Lion and Mavericks have done nothing except mess with older computer users and the programs that no longer work.

Einstein said "We Cannot solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them". Sometimes the simplest fix is the answer here. Prep up a bootable USB thumb drive. Then after booting up with it run Apples Disk Utility from the thumb drive. Anyone found a fix. I have no option to erase my primary hd in disk utility to do a clean install. How do I accomplish this?

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When I reboot my system and get into disk utility to erase my primary drive the options and disable in order for me to complete the task. How can I accomplish thus? Yes, all variations of installing Mountain Lion through the installer app will create the Recovery Partition in the process. That way if I have to redo the installation, I can just blast the image unto a blank HD.

So my basic procedure is: 1 Prep clean install 2 image disk 3 use migation assistant to pull me to the new drive. Yes, it is a reply. Price is irrelevant, stealing is stealing. The OS can be loaded onto multiple computers if they share the same MAS ID not sure what the seat limit is, it used to be 5 seats in the good old days of DVD installs , which is excellent value for a home set up.

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  • But giving a copy to your friend? I doubt that Apple had that in mind, which is why the install is tied to an ID. Having had problems with upgrading to Lion, I decided to go for a clean install of Mountain Lion, which worked fine.

    As a guess, do you have the same user id? Possibly if your previous install was done by someone else, this might be an issue? Mountain Lion will neatly separate non-compatible apps into a folder when it installs and tell you the first time you start up. Personally I have always done a clean install. Will I have the permission to redownload all the apps that came with my new Mac if I make a clean install?

    Did anybody try it with such a machine? Doing this puts them in your purchase history and you can re-download and re-install anytime. Like, after a clean install of ML. So your DATA your photo library, your iMovie event library, etc need to be backed up and restored separately.

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    Yes, if you do a clean install it does not matter what OS was installed before hand. You can install directly to a new hard drive if you want to. I always do a fresh install. The settings probably takes the most time. I have never had my mac crash and feel its best to do a clean install as during the life cycle of lion or snow leopard there are many apps i try and find i dont use any more , i remove them via an 3rd party app to get rid of the prefs but still think there could be stuff left over.

    Manually recreating all the settings on each application and the OS sounds like a night mare. My machine works fine except that I see the swirling beach ball quite often. Two questions: 1. Will a clean install speed up my machine? Any suggestions on how to streamline restoring all the OS and app settings from prior to the install?

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    • Erase your Mac and perform a clean install for a fresh start;
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    • Computers just need this every once in a while to maintain performance. Works great. If you have issues on your current set up, a clean install will eradicate all problems associated with your user account. I personally prefer a clean install, you never really truly know what leftovers will be present with any upgrade. However, it takes about 4 times as long to do as plain upgrade.

      Is there any workaround to install OS X As soon as you try the installer will tell you it can not install on this computer. Even if you could, it would run terribly on an older processors. Are you sure that the specs really are the same? Same graphics and main chipset, for example? One year is a reasonably long time, and the mini and mobile devices always had some differences.


      I have the same MacBook Air 13 and I did a clean install 2 weeks ago and yes, I was able to redownload all preinstalled apps that came with the MacBook. If I do a clean install will I keep the apps that came with that computer? No, a clean install removes everything: all apps, all files, everything is formatted. If they are stored in your Purchase History through the App Store they could be redownloaded though.

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