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There are many third-party macOS apps that let you get more free space on your Mac. However, we wanted to test not just CleanMyMac but also other Mac cleaning software in the market. When storage space is needed, files, photos, movies, email attachments, and other files that you seldom use are stored in the cloud automatically. Each file stays right where you last saved it, and downloads when you open it. The feature helps us deal with junk like duplicates, old email attachments and downloads — and automatically sifts through them to delete the files or move them to the cloud.

But, instead of deleting them, it mainly moves the junk files to iCloud. The result of the optimization is more free space on your hard drive and many-many gigabytes of cloud storage taken up. You can guess the first reason on your own. As we said, Optimized Storage would be moving your junk files to iCloud. As it happens, the iCloud space is limited. When you cross the 5GB free limit, you will have to start paying for the extra space you are getting. Using a Mac cleaner software, you will be able to do this without iCloud. Apart from storage optimization and space-saving, there are some other reasons below why you need a Mac cleaner software.

When you use a Mac cleaner software, you can take care of all these in a single click.

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In short, a Mac cleaner software will help you intoxicate your Mac in every manner. Now that you have an idea, we will check out the best Mac cleaner software available right now. We had to use a number of Mac cleaning apps in order to find the best one.

What’s the Best Free Clean up Software for Mac OS X?

In the process, however, we had to set some reference points. We had used the following criteria to find the most effective tool for cleaning a Mac. Coming from a trusted developer like Macpaw, CleanMyMac X was a part of our preliminary list from the beginning. CleanMyMac is an all-in-one cleaning software for devices running macOS.

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However, CleanMyMac can be by far the biggest success — for all the good reasons. With the 10th anniversary edition, CleanMyMac has completed its transformation into a comprehensive cleanup, optimization, and management tool. Why call it X? Next up, we believe this version is much more than another numerical in the line — it is X times better. Macpaw developers have done a great job at making this special version of the Mac cleaning software even special.

We were amazed to find such a huge number of features in this package. CleanMyMac X lets you clean your Mac device from every aspect. You can get rid of unwanted files, optimize performance of apps and even take care of some maintenance tasks. There are also some additional features like Software Uninstaller and Updater.

The tool can also help you deal with optimization. This way, you will find enough space to store files on Mac, while moving junk stuff to available iCloud space. These features surely make CleanMyMac X one of the most comprehensive Mac cleaner software out there. Macpaw is a trusted company when it comes to user-privacy and the essential forms of data management. There are a number of exceptions and rules to make sure that system files are not affected. Even if you try to remove these files manually, you will be notified.

So far, you have been given the perfect outline of CleanMyMac X and how it works. Now, we will move onto our hands-on review of CleanMyMac X. In the following section, you will find a comprehensive yet brief review of CleanMyMac X. As it says, you can start a Smart Scan to understand the basic issues with your Mac.

It needs to be noted that you will be finding not only the issues but also the areas of potential improvement. We will go through these sections individually, but now, keep in mind that all these options are accessible from the sidebar.

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You have a way-out if you just wanted to check your Mac for some potential malware threats. You can also go into the individual features. You can open this section if you just want to remove Trash content from your Mac in a single click.

Top 6 Best Free Mac Cleaners to Clean Mac in

MacClean offers easy and reliable cleanup solution to help you remove all junk data inside your Mac. The junk cleaner can clean up system junk, App junk, iTunes junk, Email junk, trash bin junk and other junk files by only 1-click. The best way to free up disk space and speed up slow Mac. It is the best tool to manage, optimize and speed up your Mac. Easily manage disk, external device, startup items and other things on your Mac — the best and easy-to-use Mac manager. Speed up your slow Mac with a few clicks. Make your old Mac run faster than ever. Drive your Mac to peak performance.

MacClean also allows you to easily manage frequently used Switches on your Mac, including:. More media reviews. In fact MacClean makes Mac cleaning a breeze. There are three major types of cache files, which you need to know when planning to free up space on your computer. These include user cache, system or app cache and browser cache.

When you decide to clear mac cache, a good solution is to perform everything manually by carefully following all the steps. The first step is to delete the most important user caches, the removal of which will free up lots of space on your Mac. The second step to clear cache on mac is to clear system and app cache. The last ones, the internet or browser caches, usually store website data like scripts, images, history, and other things to facilitate your browsing when revisiting sites.

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You should clear chrome cache mac, or choose the other web browser, to clear history and secure your privacy. MacFly Pro is the safest and fastest program to remove cache files from your Mac.

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MacFly Pro is the brand-new and efficient cleaning tool that works on all systems, including macOS Sierra. It removes all types of caches from your computer carefully, providing you with fresh cache files and fast Mac working performance. Learn more about the features of MacFly Pro before you decide to install it:. There are plenty of efficient and popular cleaning tools available not only for Mac OS but also for Windows or Linux. If you wonder whether to buy MacFly Pro or not, check out some of the guarantees that we provide:.

This cleaning program will keep your Mac in its best shape. It accurately removes all user caches, system, and app caches, as well as browser caches and history.

If you download MacFly Pro, make sure it is a completely safe utility tool.