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For example the text editor Crimson Editor can be used to create or edit tabular indented texts and use them directly in FreeMind. This is useful for importing into Excel to represent the nesting of nodes as a colum view. Developed by Mike Bell at Simulacra. If you have issues with accuented characters not being transferred correctly in Excel, you can do the following:. Something similar should work under oocalc from OpenOffice. This is a modification of the above XSLT script to output a FreeMind map as a tabulator separated text file with the first column represent the hierarchy, the 2nd the path as 1.

This is extremely useful if you keep the position of your attributes constant over the whole tree! Importing into Calc or Excel is straight forward. There is a useful project at Sourceforge: vym2fm.

Mantis 1. However, the Freemind features comes with a built in Flash viewer hence, easier to get up and running , includes details about the issues, relationships, attachments, statuses, links, etc. It is also possible to export a Freemind file. The export is available to Excel, Word, and Project. PowerPoint isn't supported, as it doesn't support an XML format.

For instructions per product, see the sections for the products including Microsoft Excel , Microsoft Word and Microsoft Project. To translate a MS Word outline into a FreeMind branch, a workaround is to insert tabs before paragraphs. This is a simple Word macro to do that for all paragraphs with a heading style. Optionally, all body text can be removed first backup document!

Once the tabs have been inserted, the text can be pasted directly into FreeMind. However, only one branch will be added to the root, so if the outline contains several top level headings, the first will be 'upgraded' to the first branch node.

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Thus it is not possible to convert an entire document into a mindmap, but each branch has to be imported separately. Warning: This does not work in Freemind 0. This will produce a mindmap from MS Project file project. The output file will have the same name with a. I'm only a Python beginner so apologies for any "indiscretions".


I haven't extensively tested them either. PS by lafs. I removed two spaces in all lines, before it the. From help forum :.

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Nitro Pro 12 sagt, dass sie alles tun kann, was Adobe Acrobat zum halben Preis tut. PDF-Architekt 6 bietet alles von Bearbeitung zur Seitenbearbeitung und elektronisches unterschreiben. Es kann auch Sie Anmerkungen zu exportieren.

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