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Image-Line , Oct 18, Joined: Jan 28, Posts: 1. Hey is it allowed to sell songs I made with demo version so I can make cash to buy paid one. Joined: Mar 15, Posts: 1, Probably not, but you'd have to read the EULA to be sure.

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Allu , Apr 25, Joined: Jun 29, Posts: 6, This is the Unity forums. It has nothing to do with FL Studio, they're unrelated software.

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Direct your FL Studio questions to their official forums. What do I mean by that?

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I mean that there is one that is probably best suited to how you want to work, the kind of music you want to make, and probably even the kind of person you are. Ableton Live is a DAW that was designed with both production and live performance in mind. There are some great, high-quality resources for Ableton Live out there.

It comes with an array of synths and options for producers to play around with. FL Studio probably has the best access to resources out there. The FL Studio website has a lot of articles, and we have a few key ones for those who are just starting out. Credit: Musician on a Mission. Logic is focused on high-quality sounds and a robust interface.

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That being said, it still has some great resources out there. But here is a shorter list of other possible options if you want to consider them. There are many different factors to weigh up when making a final decision on your DAW. Many people want to start producing electronic music but are immediately scared off by the price.

Sure, you could save money by purchasing a cheaper DAW. That said, I can guarantee it will take you longer to get to where you want to be using a more affordable DAW than if you purchased Ableton Live or FL Studio from the beginning.

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Logic Pro X just comes in the one version, which is the simplest pricing structure and includes a fully-featured version with extra free and downloadable content. Note: Even though it has no demo or trial version, if you want to get a feel for Logic Pro X, try using Garageband for a while. Why do resources matter? Because this is what is going to take you from aimlessly clicking buttons to making professional music.

Fortunately, all of the 3 options have great resources available. But there is still a difference, depending on what genre you want to make, the quality of the resources and the relevance to you. The downside with FL Studio is with a large quantity comes bad quality. You might have to sift through the videos and articles to find helpful and relevant content. Similarly to FL Studio, Ableton Live has a certification program for trainers, so they have curated information sources you can trust.

But even beyond that, there are just a lot of good tutorials out there for Live.