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Screensavers Planet: It appears to be an issue with Vista and the latest version of Fliqlo. See this thread on our message board: Adjusting Flip Clock screensaver. Our school uses this as a clock in the ITV studio, and broadcasts it all day long in all the classrooms on their TVs.

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Teachers will panic if someone bumps the computer and the clock goes out. I love this screen saver, it's great but I can't get it to stay on 24 clock mode, even though I chose that setting on preferences - any ideas? Screensavers Planet: That is unlikely to be a direct result of installing this screensaver. Feel free to post any questions or concerns to the message board. I really like it. It's not bright or over complicated.

I use it on my laptop that sits on my night stand. It's nice for me, because I wear glasses.. So when I am sleeping. I can just look over, without fumbling for my glasses or trying to find my phone, and know what time it is. I use 24 hour time.

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I am always waking up at different times, so it's MUCH easier for me to glance over, look at the clock. It's 9am It's 9pm.. VERY frustrating! I like this screensaver, I installed it and immediately three of my coworkers installed it also.

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Looks great! Not working with the latest version of MacOS at the beginning-- But later it is working amazing!!! Thanks and sorry for previous message. Please post to the message board with details of your problem. I saw it on a shabby to sheek decor site offon the designers computer in a small space renovation LOVED first sight Good to be a kid in simplier times and even better to be a big kid and combine the two!

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Thanks for this great functional screen saver! Any suggestions I tried the right clicking method and opening it through there and saving it onto my desktop. Screensavers Planet: First open the. Right-click the "Fliqlo. Failing that, please post to the message board for support. Had to reinstall and it works perfectly again. Never had a problem with this screensaver and looks lovely. Screensavers Planet: It connects to the internet to notify you of available updates.

I do love this screen saver, and have been using it for ages, however I recently got another monitor, so that I can have two screens when working. When I use just my monitor with the laptop closed, then this screen saver works fine, however when I use both screens, it is off centre and too large on my extra monitor.

Some sort of settings that could be changed for multiple monitors would make this screensaver even more awesome :. I can't make it apear on my screen saver because it says I can only use them if they are downloaded in app store. Screensavers Planet: Right-click the Fliqlo.

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You should then be able to click "Open" again to install the screensaver. This is the best screensaver that ever saved my screen. Seriously, I love it. Works perfectly in my Windows This unfortunately doesn't work with my current operating system. Is it possible to make an older version? Screensavers Planet: An older version of Fliqlo for Mac can be downloaded here.

However, a similar app for your iPhone may be available in the App Store. But sinds about a week there is only a white screen :- hope bug windows 10 will be fixed soon! Screensavers Planet: An update should now be available to fix this problem for Windows The update is numbered It should automatically install, but if you want to speed it up you can open Windows Update and search for new updates.

Setting a Classic Tiled Wallpaper in Mac OS

I've been using this screensaver and I loved it, untill, like others have said, it randomly stopped working and only shows a white screen There was a security update to Internet Explorer Flash Player today. I uninstalled the update and now Fliqlo is working again. Screensavers Planet: We have dedicated a help page to this issue.

For more information, please see: I get a white screen when my screensaver runs? I've been using this screensaver for year on Windows , and like others have said, today it randomly stopped working and only shows a white screen. I loved it until it stopped working today.

Check your installed programs. It looks like Adobe downloaded a flash player update today. That must be what killed any screensaver using flash. My Screensaver also randomly started showing a white screen, has been fine for at least years! I've had this screen saver for years and absolutely loved it. I wake up this morning to find that the screen saver doesn't show a clock anymore I restarted the computer and it didn't help.

Uninstalled fliqlo and reinstalled and no luck. Even downloaded the newest version and it still just shows a white screen. Not happy right now. Screensavers Planet: That won't work because this is a screensaver, not a wallpaper. See our help article Screensavers and wallpaper: what's the difference? I tried downloading this screensaver but it says my mac doesn't support this version and to contact the supplier..

If you have an older version of the operating system, please try searching for an older version of the screensaver, e. Fliqlo 1. Very simple and useful.

I love it. One thing It is a bit too bright at night for me. It would be nice if it had brightness control. I adjust the size to small to make it less bright. Few more options would be amazing.

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Multiple Monitors can each have own clock size etc. Have a question or problem? Please post it on our message board no registration. Message board Is your question not listed? Anti-virus report for Fliqlo Flip Clock Our editors have reviewed all files and found them to be safe, but they are also checked automatically using many different virus scanners. Virus scanner Fliqlo Setup. It works properly and very easy to use. Doesn't work on macOS Also, can we have an option to disable to "Check for updates" feature? Is good. I love this screen saver as it is cool and used in apple which makes it look more cool.

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There are tons of sites out there you can use to customize your Mac OS X experience. From themes and icons, to desktop wallpapers and app skins, the options are limitless. But spending the time to find them is daunting. Iconpaper is a fantastic site that brings the best of the bunch all together in one easy to use site. Iconpaper offers easy viewing and downloading of everything you need, including:.