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I want to be able to recombine it on my Windows PC as well as copying it to my external drive. It splits the file itself into parts.

How to: Split files into parts on Mac (Free)

It doesn't wrap it in an archive format like RAR before splitting. If Windows has a program to concatenate the bytes of files into one file then you can use that program to reconstruct the file on Windows. I did this with tar yesterday, for basically the same purpose--backing up a large file to a FAT32 volume.

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Unfortunately, I could not for the life of me un-tar them on the Windows side of things, with any application I could find including WinRar, which is usually bulletproof. Is there no simple little program out there that makes this easy? Here 's an example.

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Using the DOS copy command as mentioned by newwb I combined the files, however, the file was deemed invalid. I zipped the file in Mac OS before splitting it, and then ran unzip in Windows only for it to come back and say it was invalid.

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Any suggestions? In what follows, we are going to show you how to use a Terminal command to easily create split zip archives of the contents of any folder. The command is as follows:. As the name suggests, the MaximumSize part is the maximum possible size each split file should be.

split and join large binary and text files

It is specified as a number and is in MB by default. However, the ZIP file may still be quite large and cumbersome to transport over the Internet.

Split a large ZIP file into multiple parts to allow it to be more easily transported to customers or business partners over the Internet via email or a file-sharing service. You can do this from the terminal window of your OS X Macintosh. Navigate to the folder where the ZIP file you wish to split is located. Use the cd change directory command to change folders. For example, enter "cd Documents" to change to the Documents folder from your home folder. Enter "cd..

split large binary and text files: sfk split for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Raspberry Pi

Enter the pwd present working directory command to check your current directory. Enter the following command into the command line and press "Enter" to execute it. The segments are titled in the form SplitArchive.

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