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Hi Try using sudo. It will not be echoed to the screen. Kind regards. In case matt-symes suggestion does not help To change permissions on a filesystem with chmod, you need it to be mounted read-write.

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You can't make a read-only fileystem read-write with chmod. You need to change the mount options. This could be your problem. You need it to be mounted read-write to chmod the directories that are causing you trouble, but you can't mount it read-write. There are ways round this. I'm wondering if the drive isn't mounted and I'm also unsure of what "mounted" really means; I see the drive listed in a file browser, and can access some folders and files, but not others. So I tried a command I found on the linux. Bash returned the following statement: ntfs-3g Matt, thanks for the suggestion.

I tried it. I don't see any change that's taken place in terms of permissions. Coffeecat: Thanks for the reply.

How to set files in read-only mode

I'm on my second week using Terminal and it's starting to get fun, but WOW does it sometimes feel like trying to whistle in Sanskrit! This page provides more information to mount hfsplus drives read-write. That's all goobledygook to me! I'll try to explain. Let's put that discrepancy to one side for the time being.

Set or clear read-only status - Word for Mac

Why unexpected? You have to select non-journalled if that is what you want. Try this with the external drive plugged in and automounted. By the way it is mounted.

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  6. If you see folders and files in the file browser, the filesystem is mounted. Coffeecat: I think that's going to do it!

    macOS Sierra: Set permissions for items on your Mac

    The text is flying past at a gazillion wpm in my terminal, but I think I can see the words "changing file permissions. I think when it's done, the permission issues are going to be over. A billion to the nth thanks, Coffeecat.

    Solved: External Hard Drive is Read Only on Mac

    Let us know if you have any problems. Didn't work. But it did attempt to change the file permissions file by file thus the text flying past in the terminal for five minutes. My first chmod attempt returned a message that the external drive was read-only.

    I'm still stuck. It seems a little odd that some folders on the drive are read-write-execute, and other folders are read-only. If it was a journaling issue, wouldn't that affect every file in the system? Journalling and permissions are entirely different things.

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    The filesystem must be the journalled version which makes more sense and is being mounted read-only despite the "rw" in the output from mount. You have two options. Thanks, Coffeecat. The three groups of notations are shown below. Symbolic and octal permission notations for owner, group, and everyone. The Info window allows you to modify permissions for users, groups, and everyone else. For total control over permissions, you can use two Unix commands - ls and chmod - to display permissions and modify them.

    This would give you as the owner read, write and execute permissions, and everyone else read and execute permissions. When it comes to using the ls and chmod commands, practice makes perfect. Try modifying the permissions on a couple of sample files. If you need more help, use the man command to display the manual pages for these commands e. Permissions as a security control are more effective in some environments than others.

    Assign permissions to users and groups

    Schools and offices have a real need for permissions - there are lots of users, and the information stored on the computers can be valuable. In single-user households, where only one person uses a Mac, convenience might outweigh any perceived security threats. A former ghost writer for some of Apple's most notable instructors, Cone founded Macinstruct in , a site with OS X tutorials that boasts hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month. You can email him at: matt macinstruct. The place to learn about your Mac. Tips and tutorials for novices and experts.

    File Permissions Crash Course Every file and folder on your Mac has a configurable set of permissions. Permissions No permission Execute Write Write and execute Read Read and execute Read and write Read, write and execute Octal Notation 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Symbolic notation --x -w- -wx r-- r-x rw- rwx The Terminal application allows you to use octal notation to set permissions for the owner, a group, and everyone else. How to Modify Permissions with the Info Window The Info window allows you to modify permissions for users, groups, and everyone else.

    From the File menu, select Get Info. One of the windows shown below appears. Click the lock and authenticate with an administrator account.