Freddie mac first look initiative qualification

The financing offers several advantages, including down payments as low as five percent with no mortgage insurance and no appraisal requirement.

This loan requires just three percent down and comes with reduced mortgage insurance. HomeSteps properties can be found all over the U.


Freddie Mac First Look Initiative

You buy HomeSteps properties by working with a licensed real estate agent, just like you would with any property. There is one difference, though. This reduces competition from professional, cash home buyers looking to flip or rent out the property. You make an offer on HomeSteps property the same way you would for most kinds of residences.

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Normally, it takes about 48 hours to get an acceptance or counter-offer from Freddie Mac. Legal acceptance occurs only when the contract is signed around by all parties, and that can take five to seven days. If there are multiple bids, all candidates will be given a deadline to submit their best offer. That means working with a reputable agent who knows the area well.

This is verification from your lender that it has reviewed and approved your loan file. At that point, all you need is a property. Keep in mind that some first-time buyer mortgage programs, like Home Possible Advantage, require buyers to complete a home buyer education class. Freddie recommends commissioning a home inspection from a licensed provider. It will probably be in decent repair.

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You may get it for less than market value, and you will get a home warranty incentive. HomeSteps financing, where available, comes with a low down payment and no mortgage insurance. Enter a city, state, or zip code into the HomeSteps search tool. This policy excludes the sale of Freddie Mac homes to investors during the first two weeks the home is on the market — 30 days if you live in Nevada.

First Look Eligibility and Identification

The relevant website is homesteps. First Look homes are clearly marked with a First Look icon. View the search results by clicking on a home that interests you. This will bring up a Property Details page that includes the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and more. Contact your real estate agent and ask for an appointment to view the home. She will call the listing agent to set the appointment.

How to Buy a House During the Freddie Mac First Look Initiative | Pocket Sense

Your agent will assist you with the paperwork if you wish to submit an offer. Wait to hear the results of your offer, which should arrive within four to five days. Your offer will be accepted, rejected or countered. Your real estate agent or attorney will advise you on how best to proceed should your offer be countered. Look over the escrow instructions, which the escrow company will issue shortly after escrow is opened. Ensure that everything in the summary is accurate, including the purchase price, credits and the date escrow closes.

If you notice any discrepancies, contact your agent or attorney immediately. Son and wife are looking to buy a preforeclosure home and none of us are versed in the process of buying a foreclosure. The first look initiative just means qualified buyers, usually first time homeowners and some non profits, have an exclusive period where they can make an offer on the property without competing with investors. In my market, this period is usually between 14 and 21 days. There is usually a clause that buyer must live at the property for a period of time. Originally Posted by jfn Do u need to be ore approved for a loan.

My son contacted the realtor.

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Realtor told him to get pre approved 4 a mtge and it was illegal for him to show my son the house. It's not "illegal" to show him the house.

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  • Most agents want to see the buyer pre qualified so they aren't wasting time with someone that can't purchase. Originally Posted by deetz. Arlington South of Southern. Tlarnla, You are right. It's not illegal to show you any house without a preapproval. HUD paperwork is a pain and depending on which closing agent they use it can be worse than a pain.