Mac command add user to group

Add an Existing User Account to a Group

To get the UUID of an object, search by name, email address, or domain. See also Appendix: Specifying objects. Get the template for the category of item you want to create.

See Appendix: Categories for a list of categories. Every object can be specified by UUID or name.

Owners and groups in the Finder and command line

Users and items can also be specified by email address and domain, respectively. To set the environment variable, run the export command manually, or use eval to set it automatically:.

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In the following image look what happens if test tries to create a text file there. You could do this for a new user by adding a parameter to the useradd command.

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  4. Managing Permissions via Command Line.
  5. Specifically, you can use:. The -G option here is similar to the useradd command above. Make sure to use the -a option to append these groups to the existing user.

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    2. Add a User to the Sudoers File in Mac OS X | MD Sultan Nasir Uddin (Manik).
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    4. If you omit the -a parameter, you will remove the existing user from any groups not provided in your comma-separated list. Skip to content. Is this article useful?

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