Old mac hoof boots size 6

Great boot for round feet Rated 5 out of 5 stars by Rusty76 on My draft x has very large and very round feet. As luck would have it, these are magnicient boots and fit his hooves perfectly! I have ridden on rocky, sandy and 5 inch deep mud trails at all three gaits and they have stayed on without rubbing or coming off.

The gaitors provide good protection from the environment and keep debris from getting into the boot and rubbing. Make sure you measure your horses foot right after a hoof trim for the best possible. In fact, have your farrier do it. And make sure the gaitors are put on correctly and snugly. Too loose, and they can slide down.

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I can't express how grateful I am to EasyCare, Inc for making a rugged, properly sized boot for my big guy. I will only consider more boots from EasyCare, Inc in the future. One of Few Options for Horses with Larger Hooves Rated 4 out of 5 stars by dogpatch on Selecting the right boot for the horse is a trial and error process. My half draft has gone through a number of different boots unsuccessfully, while his feet have "remodeled" to a healthier shape.

He now fits the Size 9 Old Mac G2 perfectly on his front hooves, with no twisting.


I've used EasyBoot products off and on since and I think the quality of the sole material is superior to some other brands. Cons: They can rub the heel bulbs if the provided gaiters are not used. The larger boots have needed longer pastern straps, and also on the larger boots, it would be nice to have an extra "keeper" to run the heel straps through, to keep them from riding up, and the heel straps themselves have needed lengthening.

I would like to see EasyCare replace the leather heel straps with longer BioThane straps.

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These are modifications I can do - others may not be able to. But we're lucky to have the option of booting even larger horses and allowing them to go barefoot most of the time. I am extremely happy to have the G2 available for my half Clyde. One last thing: The boots come in "right" and "left" - I have found, at least on the fronts, that the boots can be swapped.

This adds life to the boots, as my horse tends to wear the outside heel more heavily than the inside. Fantastic boot!! Rated 1 out of 5 stars by CT57 on My post navicular surgery horse requires pads. She is one of those that keeps pulling traditional shoes off after a few days. I've tried 2 other competitor brands without success because they always end up flying off while riding or they twist around.

Don't come off in sucking mud, water or rocky paths. They stay on at all 3 gaits and have kept my mare's soles from getting stone bruises. Easy to get off and on and don't twist around like the others did.

Easycare New Mac Hoof Boots (Updated Old Mac's) Sizes 0-6

They don't hinder her movement and she is more sure footed. Worth the money Rated 4 out of 5 stars by creekranchNM on We bought about 10 pair of these in several sizes about 2 years ago and we use them ever since on regular basis times a week on trail rides in rocky terrain. PROS They are easy to put on and you can adjust them to the hoof with 2 straps, so even if 2 horses with different shaped hoofs share one pair, they'll fit.

The material is very sturdy but not stiff and fit good to a regular oval shaped horse hoof without turning.

Old Mac Hoof Boots

They also stay on the hoof, if you hit a mud hole up to the fetlock. CONS They are not cheap and if your horse is clumsy and steps on the boot, the outside strap could rip out of the lash or the front rivets could rip. Never had issues and I ride back country. The Easyboot Transition is available in eight sizes that accommodate many hoof shapes and angles. This is an ideal hoof boot for pleasure riding less than 25 miles per week and is also suitable for therapeutic applications.

Sold as single boots - therapy boot only - not a riding boot. The new Easyboot Cloud is a therapeutic hoof boot system designed to give comfort and support to horses with thin soles, abscesses, founder, laminitic stages, stresses of shipping, recovery after workouts or stalling on hard surfaces. It also provides instant and ongoing relief for horses suffering from chronic lameness and general lower limb or hoof problems by aiding movement and reducing recovery time after injury or surgery.

A padded collar provides additional relief to the pastern area. Three air vents provide air circulation to keep the hoof cool while preventing the accumulation of dirt and debris. Replacement Cloud pads are sold separately. The Coud boot is a therapy boot not a riding boot designed for ease of access and able to be used over bandaging, therefore is recommended for small turnout areas only.

Not a riding boot , but specifically designed to help horses who are undergoing painful laminitis, surgery, hoof trauma or abscessing. It is lighweight, washable, breathable and thick pads can be added for extra comfort.


Because of its loose fit you can also choose a size that will allow you to bandage your hoof if that is necessary. A great favourite of equine vets as it allows horses some quiet turn out time in the sun, so necessary for recovery. This is a lose fitting boot. We recommend that the horse be restrained when wearing the boot.

Easycare recommends sizing up when purchasing an EasySoaker. Sizing up one or two sizes allows extra space for bandages and liquids to be used inside the boot. The Zip boot is ideal as a strong temporary covering for any hoof wound. It is simple to put on and can be done quickly which really helps.

Old Macs G2 Multi Purpose Horse Boots (sizes 0-6)

It can provide a clean environment for a bandaged hoof and is something all horse owners should consider having in their first aid kit for those times when you don't have a stable available and your horse has a hoof injury. The boots come with full fitting instructions, net storage bag and neoprene gaiters.

The old mac's gaiters are recommended when wearing the boots for the first few times, a similar principal to wearing socks with trainers, they help to prevent any rubbing. If your horse is covering more than 25 miles a week or has sensitive skin it may be wise to use the gaiters in this situation too.

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Comfort pads are advised for use in any hoof boot for the most natural and beneficial experience for your horse. Too much too soon can lead to chafing. If your horse has particularly sensitive skin, use the EasyCare gaiters included , vet wrap or a small bandage during the initial stages of using the G2.

Cathie Discusses The Old Mac's Hoof Boots

A Yes, if you intend to use the G2 over metal shoes, take the hoof measurements after the horse is newly shod to ensure a correct size. Please be aware that wearing hoof boots over metal shoes voids the EasyCare Guarantee. Q I understand that I can only return boots that are unused.

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How can I determine if the boots fit without going for a ride? A We back all of our products with the EasyCare Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the product for any reason, EasyCare will gladly refund your purchase price excluding shipping and handling within 45 days of purchase.

A Not necessarily. Always take hoof measurements as soon as possible after a fresh trim and measure each hoof separately. Correct size selection and proper fitting are very important and will ensure maximum performance from the G2. A We recommend that you do not leave the G2s on for more than 12 hours at a time. You should check both the hooves and boots for rubs, remove any debris from the boot, and let the boots and hooves air before putting them back on again.

A That is really a personal preference. It depends on distance covered, proper fit, and type of terrain. The high-performance tread remains intact rather than becoming smooth and slippery. A No, there are drainage holes built into the sole of the boot. Processing your selection.