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However, the amount of packet-switching and network hardware in between the two computers is often more significant. For instance, wireless network interface cards must modulate digital signals into radio signals , which is often more costly than the time it takes an electrical signal to traverse a typical span of cable. As such, lower ping can result in faster internet download and upload rates. While a single-player game maintains the main game state on the local machine, an online game requires it to be maintained on a central server in order to avoid inconsistencies between individual clients.

As such, the client has no direct control over the central game state and may only send change requests to the server, and can only update the local game state by receiving updates from the server. This need to communicate causes a delay between the clients and the server, and is the fundamental cause behind lag.

What is Lag and will this help to reduce it [don’t skip]:

While there may be numerous underlying reasons for why a player experiences lag, they can be summarized as insufficient hardware in either the client or the server, or a poor connection between the client and server. Hardware related issues cause lag due to the fundamental structure of the game architecture. Generally, games consist of a looped sequence of states, or "frames". During each frame, the game accepts user input and performs necessary calculations AI, graphics etc. The frequency at which frames are generated is often referred to as the frame rate.

As the central game state is located on the server, the updated information must be sent from the client to the server in order to take effect. In addition, the client must receive the necessary information from the server in order to fully update the state.

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Generating packets to send to the server and processing the received packets can only be done as often as the client is able to update its local state. Although packets could theoretically be generated and sent faster than this, it would only result in sending redundant data if the game state cannot be updated between each packet. A low frame rate would, therefore, make the game less responsive to updates and may force it to skip outdated data. Conversely, the same holds true for the server.

The frame rate or tick rate of the server determines how often it can process data from clients and send updates. This type of problem is difficult to predict and compensate for. Apart from enforcing minimum hardware requirements and attempting to optimize the game for better performance, there are no feasible ways to deal with it. Perhaps the most common type of lag is caused by network performance problems.

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Losses , corruption or jitter an outdated packet is in effect a loss may all cause problems, but these problems are relatively rare in a network with sufficient bandwidth and no or little congestion. Instead, the latency involved in transmitting data between clients and server plays a significant role. Latency varies depending on a number of factors, such as the physical distance between the end-systems, as a longer distance means additional transmission length and routing required and therefore higher latency. Routing over the Internet may be extremely indirect, resulting in far more transmission length and consequent latency than a direct route, although the cloud gaming service OnLive has developed a solution to this issue by establishing peering relationships with multiple Tier 1 network Internet Service Providers and choosing an optimal route between server and user.

As with the hardware issues, packets that arrive slowly or not at all will make both the client and server unable to update the game state in a timely manner.

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Online game systems utilizing a wireless network may be subject to significant lag, depending on the architecture of the wireless network and local electromagnetic interference impacting that network. Electromagnetic interference e. Although radio propagation through the air is faster than light through an optical fiber, wireless systems are often shared among many users and may suffer from latency incurred due to network congestion , or due to network protocols that introduce latency.

The noticeable effects of lag vary not only depending on the exact cause, but also on any and all techniques for lag compensation that the game may implement described below.

We can help reduce ping in these supported games:

As all clients experience some delay, implementing these methods to minimize the effect on players is important for smooth gameplay. Lag causes numerous problems for issues such as accurate rendering of the game state and hit detection. The severity of lag depends on the type of game and its inherent tolerance for lag.

Some games with a slower pace can tolerate significant delays without any need to compensate at all, whereas others with a faster pace are considerably more sensitive and require extensive use of compensation to be playable such as the first-person shooter genre. Due to the various problems lag can cause, players that have an insufficiently fast Internet connection are sometimes not permitted, or discouraged from playing with other players or servers that have a distant server host or have high latency to one another.

Extreme cases of lag may result in extensive desynchronization of the game state. Lag due to an insufficient update rate between client and server can cause some problems, but these are generally limited to the client itself. Other players may notice jerky movement and similar problems with the player associated with the affected client, but the real problem lies with the client itself. If the client cannot update the game state at a quick enough pace, the player may be shown outdated renditions of the game, which in turn cause various problems with hit- and collision detection.

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Both the display and controls will be sluggish and unresponsive. While this may increase the perceived lag, it is important to note that it is of a different kind than network-related delays. In comparison, the same problem on the server may cause significant problems for all clients involved.

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  • If the server is unable or unwilling to accept packets from clients fast enough and process these in a timely manner, client actions may never be registered. Lag due to network delay is in contrast often less of a problem. Though more common, the actual effects are generally smaller, and it is possible to compensate for these types of delays.

    Without any form of lag compensation, the clients will notice that the game responds only a short time after an action is performed. This is especially problematic in first-person shooters, where enemies are likely to move as a player attempts to shoot them and the margin for errors is often small. There are various methods for reducing or disguising delays, though many of these have their drawbacks and may not be applicable in all cases. If synchronization is not possible by the game itself, the clients may be able to choose to play on servers in geographical proximity to themselves in order to reduce latencies, or the servers may simply opt to drop clients with high latencies in order to avoid having to deal with the resulting problems.

    However, these are hardly optimal solutions. Instead, games will often be designed with lag compensation in mind. Many problems can be solved simply by allowing the clients to keep track of their own state and send absolute states to the server or directly to other clients. This solution works and will all but eliminate most problems related to lag. Unfortunately, it also relies on the assumption that the client is honest.

    There is nothing that prevents a player from modifying the data they send, directly at the client or indirectly via a proxy, in order to ensure they will always hit their targets. In online games, the risk of cheating may make this solution unfeasible, and clients will be limited to sending relative states i.

    As clients are normally not allowed to define the main game state, but rather receive it from the server, the main task of the client-side compensation is to render the virtual world as accurately as possible. As updates come with a delay and may even be dropped, it is sometimes necessary for the client to predict the flow of the game. Since the state is updated in discrete steps, the client must be able to estimate a movement based on available samples.

    Two basic methods can be used to accomplish this; extrapolation and interpolation. Extrapolation is an attempt to estimate a future game state. As soon as a packet from the server is received, the position of an object is updated to the new position.

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    Awaiting the next update, the next position is extrapolated based on the current position and the movement at the time of the update. Essentially, the client will assume that a moving object will continue in the same direction. When a new packet is received, the position may be corrected slightly. Interpolation works by essentially buffering a game state and rendering the game state to the player with a slight, constant delay.

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    When a packet from the server arrives, instead of updating the position of an object immediately, the client will start to interpolate the position, starting from the last known position. Over an interpolation interval, the object will be rendered moving smoothly between the two positions. Ideally, this interval should exactly match the delay between packets, but due to loss and variable delay, this is rarely the case.

    Often, in order to allow smooth gameplay, the client is allowed to do soft changes to the game state. While the server may ultimately keep track of ammunition, health, position, etc.

    How to Lower Your Ping in Online Games: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

    These changes will generally be accepted under normal conditions and make delay mostly transparent. Problems will arise only in the case of high delays or losses, when the client's predictions are very noticeably undone by the server. Sometimes, in the case of minor differences, the server may even allow "incorrect" changes to the state based on updates from the client.

    Unlike clients, the server knows the exact current game state, and as such prediction is unnecessary. The main purpose of server-side lag compensation is instead to provide accurate effects of client actions. This is important because by the time a player's command has arrived time will have moved on, and the world will no longer be in the state that the player saw when issuing their command. A very explicit example of this is hit detection for weapons fired in first-person shooters, where margins are small and can potentially cause significant problems if not properly handled.

    Another way to address the issue is to store past game states for a certain length of time, then rewind player locations when processing a command. This will usually result in the server seeing the client firing at the target's old position and thus hitting. In the worst case, a player will be so far behind that the server runs out of historical data and they have to start leading their targets. But the price is an aggravation of the effects of latency when a player is under fire: not only does their own latency play a part, but their attacker's too.

    This can lead more often to the false impression that they were shot through cover and the not entirely inaccurate impression of "laggy hitboxes ". Neighbour Wi-Fi signals can and will slow down your internet.